Mad Capital is a Boulder Colorado based company established to accelerate the regenerative and organic revolution in agriculture! We are working to finance and transition 10M acres of regenerative and organic farmland in the next 10 years by providing farmers with mission aligned and useful financial products.

  • WHY IT MATTERS - Through our reliance on industrial and extractive agricultural practices, we’ve systematically degraded ecosystems and created many of the largest challenges humanity has ever faced, from declining soil fertility, and dwindling rural wealth, to biodiversity loss, and climate change—and we’re running out of time to fix it.
  • WHY REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE - Regenerative organic agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that focuses on maximizing the health of soil, people, and ecosystems. It takes a living systems approach, working with nature, rather than against it, and it actually isn’t new. Forward-thinking farmers have been using many of these practices and tools for decades, but they need support if we’re really serious about turning this thing around.
  • WHY MAD CAPITAL - The idea of Mad Capital started in 2018 with the team developing, launching, and deploying a first-of-its-kind regenerative and organic agriculture investment fund. Today we’re a nimble, well-capitalized team composed of exceptional individuals and dreamers supported by the broader MAD! ecosystem, our network of partners, advisors, mentors, investors, friends, and a growing community of like-minded folks working to build better agricultural systems around the world.

The Role

Mad Capital is a specialty finance company that provides turn-key credit to regenerative organic farmers through a mix of (i) private internally managed funds, and (ii) third-party capital partner relationships. The Director of Capital Markets will be responsible for sourcing and managing all third-party capital partner relationships, which is a substantial part of our business. You’ll be getting in on the ground floor, developing and executing on the various loan participation, forward flow, loan sale, warehousing, and other finance structures we rely upon. You will be able to confidently source and negotiate commercial credit arrangements with new, aligned, and potentially boutique capital partners that deliver favorable economics to our farmers.

Organic agriculture currently represents 1% of all agricultural acres. As Director of Capital Markets, you will have a unique opportunity to lay the tracks necessary to drive meaningful capital into this small but fast growing market. For us to regenerate our landscapes at scale, we are going to need all of the help we can get.

The Challenge

Mad Capital is an early-stage company focused on originating regenerative organic agriculture loans, and trying to bridge the gap between high cost, small funds and credit facilities to institutional capital partnerships. To date, we have relied heavily on impact-first and agriculture-oriented capital partners. However, as we scale, Mad Capital must set itself up with the standards, ratings, and credit structures that can plug into broader capital markets.

Taking our capital stack from $20M to $100M and then from $100M to $1B while maintaining a unique ‘wedge’ into the farmer market, minimizing interest rate risk, and driving a viable margin for the company will be the challenge at hand.

Key Responsibilities

  • CLOSE CREDIT FACILITIES - You will be responsible for (i) finding partners that are familiar with and willing to buy agricultural-backed debt assets, (ii) exploring appropriate structures to meet their needs, (iii) structuring workable deals that are favorable for both farmer and capital partners, and (iv) closing transactions.
  • BUILDING CAPITAL RELATIONSHIPS - You will spend a significant amount of your time leading new investor and capital partner relationship development. You are comfortable cold calling, asking for referrals, and likely already have a strong network of banks and non-bank capital partners interested in syndication, loan sales, warehouse, and loan participations. Effective ‘fundraising’ is critical for this role.
  • MANAGE GROWTH - You will start by standing up credit facilities in the $25M range, and lay the groundwork for larger $100M+ facilities down the track.
  • CRAFT MATERIALS - You will create decks, manage communication, prepare and maintain data rooms, and develop financial models for prospective partners.
  • MANAGEMENT - Externally, you will manage a diverse pool of relationships spanning banks, investors, legal counsel, and other agricultural lending participants. Internally, You will work across the organization balancing the needs of farmers, sales, credit, servicing, finance, legal, and operations as you execute on scaling Mad Capital’s funding sources.
  • LEADERSHIP - Mad Capital is a two-sided marketplace with farmers on one side and capital partners on the other. You will own and manage Mad Capital’s current and future capital strategy. We will look to you for guidance.
  • ADAPT TO A CHANGING SITUATION - In a single day you’ll move from structuring a new credit facility to diving down the rabbit hole of dynamic macro rate environments to cold calling a new lead. This is a start-up and you will need to be nimble and fast moving.


  • FINANCE - 5+ years of sell-side capital markets transaction experience, preferably with fintech, originator/servicing, or fund management companies in, or related to, the agricultural sector.
  • AGRICULTURE FINANCE - Agriculture finance is a particular debt market with lower rates, lower risk, and lower liquidity than other credit markets. You have demonstrated credit and analytical skills and working knowledge of agricultural lending principles and practices.
  • SALES & ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT - You have 5+ years of experience managing accounts and/or closing complex sales transactions. You partner with your clients to understand their needs, deliver solutions that meet their unique goals, manage complexity, and accelerate transactions to a close.
  • CLOSING DEALS - You have a proven track record of leading, structuring, and closing transactions. This isn’t your first rodeo.
  • NUMBER CRUNCHING - You have savvy with excel/Google sheets and can quickly build a financial model from scratch to test a concept and with enough rigor to share with sophisticated financial parties. With the data in hand, you’re comfortable conducting the analysis and reporting the results.
  • YOU KNOW THE TOOLS - You’re comfortable in a modern, tech-enabled office environment. We leverage Slack, Google Suite, Dropbox, DocuSign, Monday, Asana, Microsoft Office, Zoom, and numerous other products and services. In addition to these, you’re comfortable with content management systems, and industry-standard design software, tools, and processes.
  • YOU CAN NAVIGATE THE DAY-TO-DAY - This is a leadership position. You’re a self-starter able to function independently and adapt to changing priorities in a growing and fast-paced environment with a positive demeanor and good instincts.
  • INDEPENDENT - You are a self starter who can see the big picture and readily part out what needs to be done this quarter, this month, and today without direct daily management.
  • ALL WORK MATTERS - You don’t bring a lot of ego to your work and accept that when building businesses sometimes you’re taking big swings and other times you’re carefully working through nuanced concepts.
  • WE’RE ALL GROWING - You are creative, constantly learning, and approach setbacks and challenges with curiosity.


We don’t have time to mess around! To curb the current use—and reverse the legacy—of industrial and extractive agricultural practices, we need to direct billions of dollars into the regenerative organic space as soon as possible. We need ambitious, creative, and empathetic people like you to get this done. With this need in mind, we have an amazing opportunity for an experienced, finance-oriented Director of Capital Markets to join the revolution in agriculture!

As a key member and leader of Mad Capital’s Capital team, you will be responsible for using data-driven approaches to drive growth through new distribution channels, and increase company and financial partner awareness. Your job is to ensure every aligned financial institution knows who Mad Capital is, and why we’re the best choice to partner with.

What This Means

  • WORK WITH PURPOSE - This is an opportunity to make a deep impact and meaningfully contribute to the growth of a thriving organization in the business of helping regenerative organic farmers. For most of us, work is one of the largest time commitments we will ever make. In joining Mad Capital, you’ll find a team of smart and caring professionals invested in building something bigger than themselves.
  • GENEROUS COMPENSATION - You work hard and will be compensated for it. Mad Capital determines a candidate's compensation package throughout the interview process based on experience, expertise, and other factors and the final compensation package will be discussed with you during the interview process. That said, the structure will reflect the following:
    • Base Salary - $125,000 - $150,000 per year.
    • Bonus - A performance based cash bonus package of up to 100% of salary.
    • Stock Options - You will share in the company’s success. All full-time compensation plans include an ownership stake in the company in the form of incentive stock options.
  • STRESS-FREE BENEFITS - We don’t want you worrying about your health or the well-being of your family. We offer fully-paid health insurance, a 401(k) plan through Vanguard, and 12 weeks of fully-paid parental leave.
  • EDUCATION & WELLNESS - It’s critical to our success that our team feels their best and is able to perform at its highest level. To help support this, each full time Mad Capital employee is entitled to a total of $5,000 per year to be spent on advancing education and tending to general wellness.
  • REQUIRED TIME OFF - Employees are expected to take all bank holidays off (13 days) and are required to take at least 1 week of mandatory vacation per quarter. We’re very flexible, but we’ve found that a minimum requirement helps ensure folks take much-deserved time for themselves.
  • DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT - Mad Capital is deeply committed to the personal and professional development of all team members. We support this work with mentorships, community introductions, brown bags, tuition assistance and a flexible work schedule so you can fit it all in.
  • NEW FRIENDS - Here at Mad Capital we’re building a team composed of people we like and want to spend time with. People from different paths who think about the world a little differently and challenge others to do the same. We’re constantly planning company trips, get-togethers, and learning opportunities.

Additional Considerations

  • LOCATION - This is a remote or Boulder, Colorado based position. Mad Capital currently has 2 remote and 6 in-person team members.
  • TRAVEL - Domestic and/or international travel is not expected to be a significant component of the role.
  • REPORTING - You will report directly to Mad Capital’s Chief Executive Officer.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • QUALIFICATIONS - We’re committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace in which all team members have an opportunity to contribute to the success of our mission. At Mad Capital, people are valued for their skills, experiences, and diverse perspectives, and we encourage all individuals to apply, even if they don’t check every bullet in the ‘Qualifications’ section above.
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITY - Mad Capital provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, active military or veteran status, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.